C.A.S.E. Assistive Technology Services:

At C.A.S.E., an Assistive Technology consultant is available to support IEP teams when considering if Assistive Technology is appropriate for students. 

The AT consultant will look at the student, his environment and the tasks at hand to determine tools that may be useful.  Some tools may already be available, while others may need to be obtained for trial. 

In some cases, when tools are not readily available and data is required to determine if tools are needed in order for a student to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities and/or access his curriculum, an AT Evaluation is warranted. 

The AT Consultant is available to ‘coach’ teachers and support staff with the implementation of AT tools and provide professional development.

Assistive Technology Forms:

Student Use Agreement Form

Agreement Regarding Student Use of Assistive Technology Device at Home or in Other Settings

Assistive Technology Collaboration Process-Privately Placed Students

CASE Assistive Technology Consultation/Evaluation Request

CASE Assistive Technology Request for Program or Classroom Consult



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